About AXLL®

The concept of AXLL® is the foundation of "Ace and Shield", uphold the toughness, stability, lightweight, innovative principles. Adhere to strict scientific evidence combined with fashion trends, to create "Mechanics" and "Aesthetics" both carbon fiber protectors, the achievements of the times with the professional brand.

The AXLL® team consists of many professional fields such as : Clinical Medicine, Bio-medical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Process Development and Validation, Industrial Design, Visual Design, Marketing, Business Management, Regulations.

Committed to professional protection and considerate human engineering research and development, uphold the cross-cutting collaboration model, the stimulation of new thinking technological innovation, give users a better quality of life and experience.

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Why should we need wear insole?

During walking, foot bears pressure about 1~1.5 times from body weight. It rushes into about 3~4 times pressure while running. At the same time, foot takes responsibility of propelling your body moving forward. After a long period of working foot, it easily brings in foot fatigue, joint instability, and plantar fasciitis, etc.Therefore, wearing insoles is necessary to your foot. Good insoles will reduce the heel strike to ground at the first moment, and effectively average the force to foot. It will keep foot arch properly supported, and steady the ankle joint during walking. The efficient energy feedback will also be available to ease muscular fatigue on leg

Why do we choose carbon fiber?

Common commercially available or custom insole costly material often used in EVA material, However, compared to carbon fiber, the EVA material has an insufficient stiffness at least 1/6800 times. It can not effectively support the foot bones, and about six months or so it lost its original efficacy, lack of durability and low economic efficiency.Carbon fiber having excellent stiffness and flexibleness, so we could design the thickness of the insole to Ultra thin. Therefore, it suitable to use in any type of shoes, and the insole is more suitable for shoes with small space use.

Why is the AXLL® Classic-17 ¾ length only ?

Although people can have the same shoe size one’s toes can different in length. With AXLL® Classic-17 ¾ length insoles, we could achieve perfect fit for everybody without having to worry about the length of the foot. Therefore, you just need one AXLL® Classic-17 that could use in all types of shoes, it’s different from traditional full length insoles.

How to use AXLL® Classic-17?

AXLL® Classic-17 ¾ length carbon fiber insoles with character of toughness、flexibility、stiffness . When insert it into your shoes. If necessary wear insoles first week, the first day of 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours the next day to wear, and so on, until your feet can adapt to bring all-day comfort insole support.

Mechanical test

In the midstance of the gait, the position of the medial arch of the insole is subjected to great force and deformation, and the insole must have excellent rigidity to effectively support and distribute the pressure. When the toe off, Insole should be sufficient rebound strength can effectively help reduce the Calf muscles exert force to achieve a long standing effect.

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