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About AXLL®

The concept of AXLL® is the foundation of "Ace and Shield", uphold the toughness, stability, lightweight, innovative principles. Adhere to strict scientific evidence combined with fashion trends, to create "Mechanics" and "Aesthetics" both carbon fiber protectors, the achievements of the times with the professional brand.


In the AXLL® series, in order to reduce the general insoles prone to duplication of the body weight of the material fatigue, we use both flexible and rigid carbon fiber, but also increase stability and foot gait energy feedback.Carbon fiber materials provide shock absorption and energy feedback; very light weight, but four times the strength of steel.Product modeling based on ergonomic design, after repeated testing and certification, to provide comfort, obedient great walking experience.


After many tests and clinical studies, breakthrough process limits to the most stringent standards and repeated scientific verification, the successful development of the industry's only carbon fiber insoles.AXLL® expected to overturn the traditional, with the best products, the promotion of awareness and proper foot care medicine, let your gait more lithe and confident, with you have a healthy life.